Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter's time!! *0*

Winter’s time!!

If I have a favourite season? Yes, I have!! ( Effusive mode:on) XD

…and It’s the present season, the winter!! (more and more effusive)

Well, today  begins the winter, welcome the cold days J

I love the winter’s time! I like a lot the cold days in special rainy days. The cloudy sky and the rain are very nice for me, these inspire me a lot.

Then  I can write the most great stories, I love the drama, horror and romantic stories, but more that read , I like write my own stories .

The cold days are so perfect for this, I love read or write while is rain. I don’t know…simply is the best! XD

The winter have many of good things for me. In winter’s time the people disappear from the streets, then I can go for walk calmly without all those terrible people so noisy. Yes, I walk in the rain  and I hate the umbrella . It’s so ugly! (XD) .  Nothing is best that is soak in the rain .

Run in the rain is great ajajja XDD I swear!

Moreover, the winter clothes are very beautiful. Apart of this, the winter’s time is the real love time for me , is very romantic! So cold, so nice…and with your special person is even better

The bad part from winter in this country , is that not snowing here   L

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favourite place

My  prefer place is far from Santiago, in the ninth regiĆ³n of the country.
This  place is Icalma, specifically the lake Icalma.

I really love this place! First, because  I come from Temuco and there lives almost all my family.
In Santiago, just are my parents, sisters and me  L

I and my cousins go to the lake Icalma every summer and is very funny. Icalma is a beautiful and  quiet place, far away all and everyone. Is a  solitary place and is surrounded by lots of nature. There are many araucaria trees and the water is very crystalline in the lake.

Really is the most beautiful place in the world for me, the best place for to be.

Also there's not too hot and I can do many activities, for example : swim in the lake, ride a horse for the mount or simply watch the sunset.

I like a lot read a book in the afternoon, after lunch when  I'm there. Always there are wind, a gentle breeze.

I love be there, is very relaxed for me.  Also is very important for me , because I meet with all my family , whom I almost never see.

I’m very happy every time I go!

Frieda fromm-reichmann;Save a person, is save the world…

Frieda fromm-reichmann is a remarkable psychoanalyst, neurologist and psychiatrist. She was born in 1889 in Karlsruhe, Germany, within an ultra orthodox Jewish family, in which music is greatly appreciated and culture.

Frieda fromm-reichmann

In 1926, she married one of his patients, Erich Fromm, author of "The Art of Loving." In 1935 he emigrated from Nazi Germany to go first to France, then to Palestine and, in 1935, finally to America, where he began working in a psychiatric hospital in Maryland, where he applied psychoanalysis to the treatment of schizophrenia until his death.

 There are many reasons why I admire , but the main reason is that she was one of the first therapists in treating people with severe mental disorders by psychoanalysis, but with a deeply humane perspective. She believed in love and respect for the patient as therapeutic tools essential.

She was one of the few people who supported the idea that delusions and symptoms of psychosis have a sense for the psychotic, something that I deeply believe. So she tries to understand the content of these, listen to the patient, without making a stupid, like all other psychiatrists.

Among his contributions are:

-Apply Intensive psychotherapy in psychosis, rather than pharmacotherapy, revolutionizing the healing techniques of schizophrenic patients.
-She did research on schizophrenia and described the catastrophic behavior in schizophrenics as something with meaningful.
-Within the framework of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, she says that psychotic symptoms are a particular type of patient's communication with others.

Unfortunately, he was widely criticized and ignored, for believe in a cure for schizophrenia and psychosis. Just for try to expand the boundaries of classical psychoanalysis of the epoque.