Thursday, April 26, 2012

Techno’s dependence ; Notebook

My favourite piece of technology is undoubtedly my notebook! *0*

I got this precious piece three months ago and it’s very functional for me.

With my notebook I do my homeworks of University, sometimes I go with it there too .

But , often I use my notebook for write my fiction stories, this the real reason for I wanted to have it.  Apart from this I download a lot of new music…I love the music! Also, I have many pictures in my notebook. But the best…. it’s portable!!! *0*  

So, I use my notebook daily, I can’t live without it  T__T

 No …really, is very difficult for me! Xd

Why I like it? The reasons?... A lot! *-*

My notebook is beautiful ! Is red and small, and also light. Is perfect for me …

Really I love it a lot ! ajajjaja xD

Without my notebook , my life would be very boring... ;O;

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My music; my life....The gazette

The gazette is a rock band of Japan. Specifically their music and esthetic style is visual kei.

Reita (bass), Uruha ( first guitar) and Ruki (vocal) form Gazette in 2002, joining after Aoi (second guitar) and Yune (drums). However, Yune left the band that year, and is replaced by Kai, the current drummer.

With the final formation they change their name to The gazette also changing their esthetic image.

They change their image from single to single, especially with each new album they release. His music is mixed but predominantly is influenced punk rock, metal and even electronics.

I love this band for many reasons. I love this music and sthetic style and also lyrics of their songs it's very special and uniques.

My favourite song from The Gazette is....all! xDD

ok, there are many song that I like a lot, but my favourite are three.

the more special is Reila, because is the first song that I listened

And a song that very sad but ver special, my really favourite....Dim scene.

see you later ! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My life...

I was born 19 years ago, in the city of Providencia, Santiago.

My family have 5 members. My parents and three girls. I‘m the first of three sisters. My middle sister is 9 years old and the most little sister is 7 years old.

There is a lot of difference of age, exactly 10 and 11 years respectively L

So, sometimes I feel a little alone ;O;

We have lived in two places of Chile. In Temuco before that my sisters were born and after in Santiago; exactly in El bosque and Puente Alto, where I live now.

My elementary school was Antartica Chilena in Vitacura , place where my mother worked.

I changed my elementary school when we went to Puente Alto and there i went to my high school also.

Currently, I`m a second year student of psychology at Universidad de Chile :)

I really love the psychology this is the dream of my life Jajajaja xD

But, isn't the only that I like

Somethig I love more than psychology is write. It is necessary for me express. I feel really free only when I write.

Other things I like are singing, reading, playing guitar and listening to music

Oh! I almost forgot, I have boyfriend for a year and a half. I can say I`m happy and I hope it stays that way


BYE! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

something about me...

hello! My name is Ivette Zenteno and i'm a second year psychology student.
I'm 19 years old :) and you can call me Jany, aoi or Eiri.

With this blog i hope learn and improve my english, for this reason i have created.

Also i hope can express my self in writing this language , which is what i like.

For this , i need to understand and think in this language.

I wish I could communicate fluently in English because the language is very important and widely used in general.

I hope that when you finish this course my abilities have improved :)