Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter's time!! *0*

Winter’s time!!

If I have a favourite season? Yes, I have!! ( Effusive mode:on) XD

…and It’s the present season, the winter!! (more and more effusive)

Well, today  begins the winter, welcome the cold days J

I love the winter’s time! I like a lot the cold days in special rainy days. The cloudy sky and the rain are very nice for me, these inspire me a lot.

Then  I can write the most great stories, I love the drama, horror and romantic stories, but more that read , I like write my own stories .

The cold days are so perfect for this, I love read or write while is rain. I don’t know…simply is the best! XD

The winter have many of good things for me. In winter’s time the people disappear from the streets, then I can go for walk calmly without all those terrible people so noisy. Yes, I walk in the rain  and I hate the umbrella . It’s so ugly! (XD) .  Nothing is best that is soak in the rain .

Run in the rain is great ajajja XDD I swear!

Moreover, the winter clothes are very beautiful. Apart of this, the winter’s time is the real love time for me , is very romantic! So cold, so nice…and with your special person is even better

The bad part from winter in this country , is that not snowing here   L

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