Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favourite place

My  prefer place is far from Santiago, in the ninth región of the country.
This  place is Icalma, specifically the lake Icalma.

I really love this place! First, because  I come from Temuco and there lives almost all my family.
In Santiago, just are my parents, sisters and me  L

I and my cousins go to the lake Icalma every summer and is very funny. Icalma is a beautiful and  quiet place, far away all and everyone. Is a  solitary place and is surrounded by lots of nature. There are many araucaria trees and the water is very crystalline in the lake.

Really is the most beautiful place in the world for me, the best place for to be.

Also there's not too hot and I can do many activities, for example : swim in the lake, ride a horse for the mount or simply watch the sunset.

I like a lot read a book in the afternoon, after lunch when  I'm there. Always there are wind, a gentle breeze.

I love be there, is very relaxed for me.  Also is very important for me , because I meet with all my family , whom I almost never see.

I’m very happy every time I go!

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