Thursday, April 26, 2012

Techno’s dependence ; Notebook

My favourite piece of technology is undoubtedly my notebook! *0*

I got this precious piece three months ago and it’s very functional for me.

With my notebook I do my homeworks of University, sometimes I go with it there too .

But , often I use my notebook for write my fiction stories, this the real reason for I wanted to have it.  Apart from this I download a lot of new music…I love the music! Also, I have many pictures in my notebook. But the best…. it’s portable!!! *0*  

So, I use my notebook daily, I can’t live without it  T__T

 No …really, is very difficult for me! Xd

Why I like it? The reasons?... A lot! *-*

My notebook is beautiful ! Is red and small, and also light. Is perfect for me …

Really I love it a lot ! ajajjaja xD

Without my notebook , my life would be very boring... ;O;


  1. It is obviously that this is your favorite piece of technology! I always see you writing on it! :D

  2. notebooks, notebooks, notebooks, it seems to be the favorite object of everyone

  3. Is necessary to do the homeworks, but also is an adiction (use internet) xd