Thursday, May 31, 2012

My dreams in a world place

There are many countries that I want to visit someday, but my prefers options are first Japan, then France , Canada and England.

Ok, currently I’m very interested for Japan and Canada. In special Japan *0*

Japan…well, I love Japan! Seriously, I like it a lot. I love their culture, technology and diversity kind of people. The Japanese people are very friendly and courteous; besides, this country currently has many subcultures.

Japanese people! *-*

The Visual kei it’s part of this cultural diversity, in the field of aesthetic. It’s aesthetic fashion and perspective, with their ideological content about beauty in androgyny, in the indeterminate, has expanded by almost everyone as a new subculture but low profile.

Obviously, the principal reason because of I want go until Japan is I have the opportunity to live in this subculture where it originated. I really love this subculture! ;O;

If I were there, I will go to concerts of my favorite band (currently, I suffer a lot because I can’t go T____T). Apart from this, I will can obtain their original products and meet my favorite band member or at least see him up close ;O; awww

I love Japan but I don’t know if I could stay there forever. I would miss my family very much, so I would try to go there for a short time, for example for studies.
Besides that, in Japan there are many fun places to visit, for example the Tokyo tower, Harajuku bridge or Mount Fuji.

Nice Harujuku's people! xD
The Tokyo tower
Mount Fuji *0*

Well, that's all about Japan, ;O; One of my favorite countries J

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