Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abnormal genius in the photography...

This picture is one of my favourite in the world .  I found this precious picture for casuality , when I look for a cover  for  other blog about anormality and psychology.

The name of this magnify  photography is  "Dalí Atomicus" and the photographer that  took it was Phillippe Halsman, in the year 1948.

In this picture that I really love  appears Salvador Dalí, one the most brilliant surrealistic artist  the all the times!

I admire a lot to Salvador Dalí, I painted one his pictures when I was sixteen …or well, at least I tried XDDD

I think that his genius was a cause of he was mad. And I think that all the mental universe of this artist is expressed in this picture.

The cats flying, the water trying to enter in the painting! The face of the artist, the chair out of proportion with his body…all join of elements in the picture show his madness,  happiness, passion and his abnormal genius artistic . All this is very well expressed in this photography…

Because I love a lot this picture; is the madness turned into art.