Thursday, May 3, 2012

I really love the new TV Show of FOX channel ; TOUCH

I like it because is very intriguing and mysterious. I can`t leave of watch it! XDD

I swear, is very good.    ;O;

TOUCH is different from other TV shows in plot. The plot of TOUCH is  very interesting because shows how the world is connected  through numerical sequences, so, all have a reason of be and there is no chance.

TOUCH 's protagonists 

With this TV show I feel very expectant and excited; it have my completely attention.

My prefer character is the protagonist. 

He is a boy called Jacob, he is eleven and he’s autistic. In his eleven years of life never say a word, but he can to predict the future trough numerical sequence that he write or paint. He is obsessed with the numbers and each time that happen something that he predicted, he write or paint a new number in the sequence.

It’s very intriguing *-* I think that you should watch the TV show! J

Jacob and his father. Look the number sequence! :O

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